White paper – Are Unprotected Cloud Databases Leaking Your Data?

Cloud services are frequently associated with digital transformation and innovation; however, these services also expand cyber attack surfaces for threat actors to exploit. According to Oracle’s 2020: Top Ten Cloud Predictions, 7 out of 10 organizations will keep business-critical data in the cloud. While moving to cloud apps can maximize flexibility and reduce cost; these apps can also expose organizations to increased digital risk.

The rapid rise in connected storage leaks is fueling the underground economy with a flow of new data that can be used for malicious attacks, such as: spamming and phishing, credential stuffing attacks, social engineering, and business email compromise. The critical question is, “What is the business cost when some, or all, of that data is leaked?”

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– Digital risks of unprotected cloud databases

– Major drivers and sources of cloud data leaks

– How to detect and secure leaking data before it becomes a breach


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