White paper : Full Body Exposure : CybelAngel Analysis of Medical Data Leaks


CybelAngel Analyst Team detected medical devices leaking more than 45 million unique imaging files on unprotected connected storage devices with ties to hospitals and medical centers worldwide.

In most cases, the identified leaking device was a Network Attached Storage (NAS). NAS are inexpensive storage solutions used by individuals and small companies, as opposed to renting a dedicated server or a virtual cloud server which comes at higher fees. However, these other options are not a guarantee of data leak protection.

CybelAngel’s research also led analysts to a website advertising a (paid) service to securely host and manage DICOM images online. The irony is the server hosting the website is unprotected on NFS (Network File System, port 2049), thus leaking all its data — more than 500,000 unique files each and every day

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