Evénement externe – 6 juin 2023 « Genev’Hack »


Genev’Hack is the first cybersecurtiy conference taking place in Geneva, being 100% free and open to all cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts or students. In partnership with Splunk, the conference will be followed by a defense-oriented contest : Boss of the SOC (aka BOTS)

When : 06/06/2023 from 13h30 (doors opening at 13h)
What : Security conferences + Boss of the SOC contest
Entry cost : Attendance to the conference is free of charge for participants
Where : Geneva, Palexpo (Airport + Train)
Open to : All cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts, students, wannabe-heroes

In collaboration with (alphabetic order): ElasticHacknowledge SAinfomaniak | The Ethical CloudMicrosoftPwC SwitzerlandSwiss PostSplunkTrust Valley

Genev’Hack will will offer more than 11 conferences and a boss of the SOC contest. The goal is to gather all cybersecurity professionals or enthusiasts in a friendly atmosphere to share experiences on different topics such as data protection from technical, organizational, or legal point of views.

Boss Of The SOC (BOTS) is a blue-team version of capture the flag competition where participants use Splunk—and other tools—to answer a variety of questions about security incidents that have occurred in a realistic but fictitious enterprise environment

Tech4Trust Season 4 Awards Ceremony will be hosted and will crown the best cybersecurity and digital trust startups for 2022-2023.

Places are limited, registration is free but mandatory !

Details and registration : www.genevhack.com

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